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What is copy trading?

Copy trading, also known as ‘mirror trading,’ or ‘social trading’, is an investment strategy that allows users to automatically replicate the trading activities of successful investors, known as ‘providers’. This approach enables less experienced or time-constrained investors, known as ‘followers’, to benefit from the expertise of more seasoned traders.

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Why copy top-performing traders?

Copy trading simplifies trading for everyone, regardless of experience level. Just follow the experts, and let your investments work for you.

Expertise Simplified

Top traders possess a deep understanding of market trends and risk management strategies, allowing investors to tap into this expertise without extensive research.

Mitigated Risk

Seasoned traders employ sophisticated risk management techniques, so copying their trades can reduce exposure to market volatility and unforeseen losses.


Copy trading streamlines the process, enabling investors to replicate top traders' actions passively while focusing their time and energy elsewhere.

Meet our Popular Investors

Discover the elite group of top-performing traders with proven track records, diverse strategies, and varying risk levels to match your investment goals.

Step-by-Step Process

Embark on your copy trading adventure with ease through our intuitive step-by-step process, designed to simplify your path to success.

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There is no additional charge for copying another trader or traders. You will still be charged spreads on the trading and/or transaction fees where applicable.

The minimum amount required to copy a trader is $200. Please note that there is a minimum amount for each copied position of $1. Positions not meeting the $1 minimum will not be opened.

Setting up your copy trading is simple. Choose the user that you’d like to copy, input the amount you’d like to allocate, and click COPY. You’ll be duplicating their positions automatically in real time and direct proportion. You can start or stop copying a user at any time. You may also set a stop loss for the copy, add or remove funds, or pause the copy.

Trades are typically executed in less than a second from the instant the trader you copy executes their own trades.

No, copy trading is designed to be user-friendly, allowing individuals with little to no trading experience to participate. You can start copy trading by selecting experienced traders to replicate.