PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management) allows the expertise of the Fund Manager to trade from a Master Account which are connected to the Sub Accounts, your account, where the total equity of all contributions from the pool are reflected on the Master account. The Profits gained or loses sustained as well as the volume of trades the Master Trader (Fund Manager) executed are apportioned to the sub accounts by the percentage that you have contributed.

Benefits Of PAMM Accounts

Selecting a broker offering PAMM accounts provides numerous benefits, including the opportunity for passive profit generation without active trading involvement, streamlined trade execution across various funding sources, access to experienced money managers who invest their own funds and are incentivized to perform well, and the ability to diversify investment portfolios among multiple managers. Additionally, brokers act as guarantors, ensuring transparency and safeguarding funds, while profits are reinvested for compounded returns. Investors can also benefit from educational opportunities, risk mitigation strategies, and top-level platform security, offering peace of mind and protection against potential issues.