MAM (Multi Account Manager) is like the PAMM set up, it allows the Master trader to carry out the trades which is connected the Sub Accounts with some flexibility such as Size/Volume of the Sub Account which can remain fixed on every trade, or the Leverage can be individually set for different Sub Accounts for example. In doing so, it offers the Individuals to customize their trades that may reflect their risk profile at the same time able to follow the Master Trader.

Benefits Of PAMM Accounts

One appealing aspect of this trading option is its transparency, providing clients with detailed insights on their platform, allowing for customizable profiles based on individual needs. Additionally, various platforms offer a range of account types tailored to clients' trading experience, expectations, and investment levels, with no restrictions on the number of accounts or deposit sizes. These solutions are particularly suitable for those with limited time for market monitoring, as professional traders handle activities, ensuring clients' capital is managed securely. Moreover, with a starting option of 0.01 lots per trade, even novice investors with minimal capital can access these investment opportunities.