Gold prices rise amid geopolitical tensions: XAUUSD analysis on the H4 chart

CFD Trading Focus: XAUUSD

Gold prices are experiencing upward momentum, driven by geopolitical uncertainties such as political instability in the Eurozone and potential currency interventions by the Bank of Japan. These factors are influencing the CFD trading landscape for XAUUSD, making gold an attractive asset for traders seeking stability in volatile times.

Geopolitical Drivers

  1. Eurozone Instability: The recent French elections have injected a dose of political instability into the Eurozone, raising concerns about the stability of the euro and the broader European Union. As a result, investors are flocking to safe-haven assets like gold, boosting its demand and price.
  2. Bank of Japan Speculation: Speculation about potential currency interventions by the Bank of Japan is adding to global market uncertainties. Traders are wary of currency fluctuations, and gold serves as a hedge against these risks, further driving its demand.

Market Analysis

Given the current geopolitical climate, the bullish sentiment for gold is strong. Investors are prioritizing safety and wealth preservation, which is reflected in the recent price movements of XAUUSD.

Technical Indicators

  1. Resistance Levels: Gold is currently testing key resistance levels at 2335.00 and 2390.00. These levels are critical for traders to watch, as breaking through these points could signal further upward movement.
  2. Support Levels: On the downside, support levels are observed at 2300.00 and 2260.00. These levels provide a safety net for traders, indicating potential entry points for those looking to buy on dips.
  3. MACD: The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator shows strengthening bullish momentum, suggesting that the current upward trend could continue.
  4. RSI: The Relative Strength Index (RSI) stands at 58, indicating a bullish outlook as it remains above the midpoint. This suggests there is still room for further gains.

Upcoming Economic Data

The upcoming publication of the US Nonfarm Payrolls and Unemployment Rate later this week is expected to increase market volatility. These key economic indicators could influence gold prices significantly. Traders should be prepared for potential price swings and adjust their CFD trading strategies accordingly.


Gold prices are poised to continue their upward trajectory amidst geopolitical uncertainties and upcoming economic data releases. For CFD traders, the current market environment offers opportunities to capitalize on gold’s safe-haven appeal. By closely monitoring resistance and support levels, as well as key technical indicators like MACD and RSI, traders can make informed decisions in this dynamic market.

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